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East Texas Yamboree Queen Audrey Scott Nolan with Yamboree President Michael Blanks

October 16th -19th, 2019




Longview News – Journal Yamboree News Story

A big thank you to everyone that attended this year’s East Texas Yamboree and for all the volunteers who make it possible. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in providing you with another fun and safe year.

Please come again for the 83rd East Texas Yamboree in 2020.

The East Texas Yamboree is one of the longest running festivals in Texas with well over one hundred thousand people attending every year.

What makes the Yamboree special to so many people?

Many would say it’s the great carnival that we make sure to expand every year with many exciting new rides and attractions. Others have said that its the wonderful Queen’s Coronation Pageant with all its beautiful and talented young ladies and the spectacle that they bring to our stage. Then we have the Livestock Show and Sale where one gets to enjoy seeing the animals  and shop projects that our youth have worked so hard on for sale.

Others love the barn dance where we get to see the rising young stars of country music and dance the night away. Let’s not forget the the school and the grand spectacle of the Queen’s Parade, gospel singing, the outside exhibits where people come to sell all types of wares. Then we have  the art and photography shows, the food (that’s one of my favorites), high school football, spending time with family and old friends plus myriad other activities taking place over this special weekend in October.

All of these things and more make the East Texas Yamboree an event that people come from all over the world to enjoy every year.

So come and see for yourself what makes the Yamboree special to so many of us; you won’t be disappointed.

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